Wakeboarding: even more tips

The best tip for wakeboarding? Make it easy! The rest will come later. And: ask the plant staff or the advanced drivers on site and see what is possible. Like BMX riding, wakeboarding is a sport that lives from a sense of community. The wakeboard professionals are happy to give tips for beginners!

Where can I go wakeboarding?
You can wakeboard at any water ski facility – by the way, a German invention! – try out. There are over 70 of them in Germany, and the trend is rising. More and more cities are building two-mast water ski systems. You save yourself the curves because you only drive one straight section and walk the way back. Here is an overview of all wakeboard systems in Germany. Many facilities also offer trial lessons or extra courses for beginners. This is particularly useful in summer, when you would have to wait a long time in normal operation. After a long wait, falling down hurts twice!

What do I need for wakeboarding?
You don’t need much to learn wakeboarding as a beginner: bring your bathing suit and some adventurousness. You can borrow the rest on site. Two hours of wakeboarding cost around 25 euros, plus board, wetsuit and life jacket for around 10 to 15 euros. Take a lock with you to lock up your valuables, or ask a friend to take care of things. To have someone standing on the edge who takes photos is not wrong either!