Curve with the wakeboard

You have mastered the start, but is it now about to corner? Here’s how it works: You always wakeboard easily out of the hip. If you want to steer, you shift your weight a bit backwards or forwards on the board. Important: Your upper body remains upright and does not move with it. Do you do Pilates or yoga? Perfect! Steering the wakeboard works something like rolling the pool, which you may know from these gentler sports.

Braking – how does it work ?! Get off while wakeboarding
Anyone who drives a water ski facility cannot simply brake and get out, because the facility turns and turns in a circle. If you don’t want to take endless turns, get off near the shore. Most facilities mark the areas with buoys. If you drive through there and then let go, the next starter can get there. In order not to stay in the middle of the fairway, you take a little momentum and drive far out to the right. Often the bank area is already in sight, or you can drive up to a jetty. Don’t just throw the barbell in the air – you could hit someone with it! – but pushes it towards the ground when it is released. The plant staff will thank you!

First jumps with the wakeboard
Do you see the cool kids at the facility doing tricks all the time? You can too! Ok, inverts, i.e. the high air jumps, need some practice. But obstacles – obstacles – like kickers or sliders, you can control relatively quickly. Be sure to put on a helmet. And asks beforehand whether you can jump with rental equipment. If you have the green light, you take some momentum and drive towards the obstacle. Always bend your knees nicely, then you are ready to land!