Wakeboarding: tips to shine on the board!

Wakeboarding – you only know that from vacation? Where you can find the best facilities plus hot tips on how to become a wakeboarding pro.

How to ride a wakeboard: explained step by step
You want to go wakeboarding, but have never been on the board before? No problem: we will tell you everything you need to dare to board!

A little basic knowledge before you strap yourself onto the board: A wakeboard looks something like a snowboard, only shorter and wider. Two bindings are mounted on the board, which is usually made of fiberglass. You slip into this before the start. There are boat and sandal bindings – the latter make it particularly easy for you as a beginner to put on and take off. Borrows a wetsuit and puts on a life jacket. Sure, you can swim! But like with most water sports trends, you will be happy to have a little lift after a fall! You can go wakeboarding classic behind the boat or at a water ski facility (also: Cable).

As with snowboarding, you are also at right angles to the direction of travel. You have your “good” foot ahead – if you shoot right with football, you are at the right front!

The wood or plastic that the nice person gives you at the starting block is called barbell. Then it often says directly: “The next one goes” – and you are!